Frozen Pipes

Do you have frozen pipes?

Proper insulation on pipes is very important to a business. Water expands when frozen, inside pipes, this can lead to warping, and ruptures. These are a couple of ways to tell if your pipes are frozen:

  • Pipes Covered in ice:
    • Exposed pipes covered in ice are most likely likely frozen on the inside.
  • Low water pressure:
    • As water expands when solidifying, it will cause low water pressure and can rupture pipes when the pressure at a blockage is too high.
  • Unusual sounds from pipes:
    • Rapid changes in the temperature of pipes will cause warping and eventually burst, if you hear strange sounds, call a professional immediately.

What can be done about frozen pipes?

There are several steps you can take before calling a certified professional, however, care needs to be taken, as improper thawing can still cause ruptures due to drastic changes in temperatures inside piping.

  • Apply Heat

    • Use a hair dryer, space heater or warm towels where the blockage is most noticeable.
  • Keep water pressure on while thawing

    • Warming pipes along with running water will cause the ice to break into pieces small enough to pass through the pipes till a good temperature is reached.

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