Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Problems?

Garbage disposals can be very convenient but can also have major problems when not maintained correctly. Here are a couple of reasons you might want to call a professional if your garbage disposal is not working.

  • No Power:
    •   If you pressed the reset button and the unit still fails to work call for assistance.
  • Unusual sounds
    • There may be a jam or the flywheel could be stuck.
  • Electrical wiring:
    • If there is problems with the electrical wiring, we can check that for you and repair it.

How do we diagnose your problems?

If your faucet is leaking or not working, give us a call! To diagnose your problems with your faucet we can use:

  • Professional tools
    • Our technicians have the correct tools to get your garbage disposal working correctly. Garbage disposals are dangerous to work on, so let the professionals handle it.
  • Commercial grade cleaning agents
    • When dealing with different buildup, it is essential to know what to use for the type of drain without causing damage. Let our technicians help get your house back in order for the least amount of hassle!

Why Go Rooter Emergency Plumbers?

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